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Decentralized prediction protocol

Global, fast, intuitive. Venue One is a non-custodial blockchain predictions exchange. Take positions in sports, eSports, finance, events and more.

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Monetize your views

Leverage your experience and gut feeling to predict real world events, take positions and win.

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    Short duration markets with fast outcomes

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    Intuitive, simple interface with a native mobile app

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    USDC & USDT collateral and payouts

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    Venue Custom Prediction Indices (VCPI)

  • Icon/Benefits/user_loyalty

    Player community loyalty rewards

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Earn outstanding returns

Use your digital assets balance sheet effectively to earn outstanding risk adjusted yield while providing liquidity and engaging with the community.

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    Earn category leading LP income

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    High volume markets in sports & eSports

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    Speed and extremely low transaction fees

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    Risk mitigation procedures

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    LP community loyalty rewards

Venue One advantages



Built on the fast Algorand blockchain that has solved the scalability, security and decentralization problems of first generation chains.


User Experience

A user journey that puts the player first, not the technology. Fast, intuitive and designed for mobile from day one.



Global team, global community, global predictions. The world is too big and the game too beautiful to leave it local.


Sports & eSports

Decentralized Sports and eSports predictions. Venue Custom Prediction Index (VCPI) technology.



The VENO community token will power our player and LP rewards. Inclusive and fair it will offer category leading opportunities to participants.



Stablecoin integration with fiat ramps. USDC & USDT with more global currency stablecoins in the pipeline.


Q2 2021

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    MVP Testnet
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    Crypto Binary Predictions
  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    VCPI Technology
  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    USDC Integration

Q3 2021

  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    Mainnet Launch
  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    VENO Token Phase 1
  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    Sports & eSports Markets
  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    USDT Integration

Q4 2021

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    Sportsbook LP API
  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    VENO Token Phase 2
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    Additional Sports
  • Icon/roadmap_dot
    Global Events

2022 onwards

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    Combinatorial Predictions
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    Further Stablecoin Integration
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    Private Company Indices
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    Exotic VCPIs


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